KIEV. 28 Aug. UNN. After leaving the European Union Britain will retain its existing sanctions against Russia and will be able to expand them. On Tuesday at a meeting of the ambassadors said the Ambassador of Ukraine in great Britain Natalia galibarenko, the correspondent of UNN.

“After the release of EU sanctions Britain will not act and has developed its sanctions legislation. It is ready and already submitted to Parliament, but it would be made in time after an exit from the EU,” the Ambassador said.

A positive of this legislation in its simplicity, she said.

“The British laid down a very simple logic: to be incorporated into the sanctions regime, all those sanctions that operate within the framework of international organisations were the United Kingdom, and at the UN level and at EU level. Will be incorporated and sanctions, are of concern to us, that is, against Russia. All that acted in the framework of the EU, will be included in UK legislation. Another positive point is that the UK has provided for the opportunity to Supplement the lists of individuals and legal entities”, – said Galibarenko.

She added that at the end of last year, the government of the United Kingdom was amended, similar to the “Magnitsky act”, which allows the country to have separate lists of sanctions against those persons who were involved in human rights violations.

Recall, the UK has urged the EU to ensure the implementation of a package of sanctions against Russia, given the fate of Crimea.