KIEV. March 5. UNN. In Iceland, from the data center stole about 600 computers that are used for mining cryptocurrency. It is reported by UNN with reference to the AP.

In this case detained about 11 people, two of them have been sentenced to detention. The crime involved, in particular, the security officer, whom local media have nicknamed “Big bichenovii a thief.”

Police said that this is the largest series of thefts in the history of the country.

The total cost of powerful computers for mining is nearly $ 2 million. However, if the criminals used for their original purpose — they would have earned much more.

All the equipment was stolen in the so-called four stages of thefts. Three of them occurred in December 2017 and the fourth in January 2018. The authorities failed to disclose information, trying to find criminals.

As reported by UNN, in Iceland banned paying women lower wages than men.