U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said that the cause of the outages in Venezuela was the explosion of a transformer on a non-existent “German dam” (German Dam). Later, the Congressman was informed that Herman Dam is the name of the journalist who reported about the accident.

  • Reuters

“Today, another explosion of the transformer at the German dam (German Dam) in Bolivar state have provoked a massive power outage,” wrote Rubio on Twitter, noting that the accident “sick patients died, and the metro of Caracas has stopped working”.

Senator @marcorubio, an important transformer exploded in Bolívar and that, in part, again collapsed the Venezuelan Electric System; however it was not in a dam, much less german.
My name is Germán Dam, I am one of the journalists who published the information.
??? https://t.co/DicWDJzlfQ

— Germán Dam (@GEDV86) 9 Mar 2019

Later, the journalist Herman Ladies noted that “the main transformer really exploded in the Bolivar”.

“However, it was not on the dam, especially not in German. My name is Herman Give, I’m one of the journalists who published this information,” — he wrote in response to Rubio.

Energy collapse in the country occurred because of the accident at the country’s largest hydroelectric power station “El Guri”. The national electricity Corporation of Venezuela said about sabotage.

Rubio said that the outage will cause catastrophic damage to the Venezuelan economy.