In Moscow as a result of fight was lost 22-the summer champion of Russia on universal fight Gennady Pavlov. According to published in network video, the young man attacked the guard. It is reported that the incident occurred near the building of the Ministry of communications. During the fight the athlete lost consciousness, and arrived on the scene medics pronounced him dead.


In Moscow in the fight killed the champion of Russia on fighting Gennady Pavlov.

Athlete was walking on Tverskaya street, where the building of the Ministry of communications he had a conflict with a security guard, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. During the fight the 22-year-old Pavlov fell awkwardly to the ground.

As he told a private security officer, during the scuffle, they, along with Gennady fell on the pavement, after which the athlete lost consciousness. Police arrived on the scene and pronounced the young man’s death.

Later, the network appeared the recording of the camera surveillance, which is seen as Pavlov himself attacked the security guard.

According to records, the man really was literally under the rain of blows fighter, but at some point the security guard was able to lay it on the ground. The communications Ministry confirmed that the fight occurred near the building of the Ministry.

“The footage showed that a security guard was attacked. During the brawl, he asked witnesses to call for help”, — quotes REN TV words a press-the Secretary of the Ministry of Evgeny Novikov.

He 51-year-old security guard after the necessary action has been released under recognizance not to leave. At the moment investigators are checking on the incident. In the near future examination will establish the cause of death of the young man.

Champion Of Russia

Pavlov was a famous athlete and he was a big deal. The native of the Oryol region since childhood, studied various martial arts and was considered a great talent. He regularly took part in major competitions and won many medals and awards.

But the greatest victory of Gennady won in 2016. Then he took first place in the championship of Russia on universal fight in Kaluga. Pavlov became the strongest in weight category to 90 kg.

Pavlov’s relatives and friends describe him as a good quiet man, who, according to them, could not himself attack the guard.

The deaths of athletes

The death of Pavlov was not the first tragic incident with the participation of athletes in recent years. So, in July 2017, on the shore of lake Baikal, was killed 20-year-old freestyle wrestler Yury Vlasko, two-time European champion in his age.


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During the conflict a young man was hit several times with a knife, and then finished off with a metal bar. Vlasko died at the scene from massive blood loss. Both suspects in the murder of wrestler was promptly detained by law enforcement and soon confessed. In management of Investigatory Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Buryatia has promised to take business under special control.

Later on the Internet portal there was a petition to the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev and President of the country Vladimir Putin with a demand to the fullest extent of the law to punish the murderers of the young wrestler. The author of the document was the doctor of the Russian freestyle wrestling team, Umar Tebiev.

In August, in Khabarovsk the victim of a drunken brawl was the former world champion Andrey Drachev. During the scuffle with Anar by Aliyar oglu Allahveranov involved in mixed martial arts, the athlete received several blows to the head, one of which was fatal. Drachev died from the resulting traumatic brain injury.

Allahveranov fled the scene and was declared internationally wanted. The regional Ministry of internal Affairs has promised compensation in 500 thousand roubles for any useful information on the whereabouts of the alleged offender. On 14 September the man was arrested in absentia. SK the Russian Federation has described his actions as murder from hooligan promptings. 19 September allahveranov turned himself in to police and confessed, after which he was sent to jail.