Educational construction kits are still out of competition the famous Danish Lego. Challenge promoted global brand took graduate “Bauman” programmer Dmitry Sokolov. He developed develops spatial thinking designer called “Finklestein”.

Commercially available block designers, including Lego, have a serious disadvantage – most of the blocks are connected only at the top or bottom. Unlike their predecessors in the “Finklestine” instead of a flat connection details Dmitry Sokolov proposed to connect the elements of a three-dimensional way.

Thus, the possible combinations of the parts through to infinity. In fact, the child can collect all that tells him to fantasy.

Moreover, with the help of special items-adapters “Finklestein” is perfectly combined with other designers, including his famous Danish fellow and his counterparts.

Russian designer hosted a successful two-year test in Junior high, where he received a high evaluation experts, neuroscientists and educators. Looks impressive, and the commercial component and last year sold sets “Falklandica” almost 20 million rubles.

Source — Tanklaster