Interestingly, unpleasant for Moscow incident in war-torn remote country in the middle East happened in the Russian defender of the Fatherland Day – February 23. The truth concealed as I could, but found the Western media.

In the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor on the ambush of the enemy army ran the UAZ with the Russians. About it reports “Russian service Bi-bi-si”.

Journalists were told about the incident, a close relative of one of the “lost and found”. It also became known that the parents of major General Suhrob Karimov, which is three weeks of no news, at the insistence of the Ministry of defense secretly went to take DNA tests in a military hospital named after Burdenko. Probably this procedure was necessary to establish the identity of someone from the dead.

For the missing officer last trip to Syria began in the summer of last year, before that he had been accepted there part in the fighting.

35-year-old Karimov served in the 38th guards motorized rifle brigade, permanent location which is a village ekaterinoslavka Amur region. Position – the battalion commander. In Syria it was resolved to send thanks to the knowledge of the Arabic language, which allowed the mayor to perform the duties of interpreter.

The day before the incident, on February 22, the officer managed to call home and talked with family. But after a few days contacted them from the defense Minister of the Russian Federation, saying the bad news.

Interestingly, one of the first news of the ambush in Deir-ez-Zor reported Ukrainian, not Russian politician. In early March, a military expert Dmitry Tymchuk, not only wrote in social networks about the incident, but even published a list of Russians killed and missing. But in Russia, of course, called the words of Ukrainian fantasies and propaganda. This Tymchuk talked about the four victims, one of whom fought on the side of the militants of “people’s republics”.

Meanwhile, hiding the real losses in the Syrian companies began “a tradition” of the Kremlin. Recently it became known about the death of the mercenary PMC “Wagner” with the Callsign “Ermak”.