A victim of the storm was the same person.

Thailand was struck by a tropical storm /
First, over the last thirty years of tropical storm “Pabuk” covered Thailand.

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Storm went to the South coast, breaking on its way the trees and demolishing the roofs of the houses. Because of the element of thousands of tourists were forced to leave some popular Islands, reports Euronews.

Accompanying the storm wind has formed high wave in the Gulf of Thailand. In the province of Nakhon si Thammarat trees fell on houses, causing huge damage to the population.

A victim of the tropical storm was a man – a fisherman, whose boat capsized due to strong winds.

Meteorologists have warned of heavy showers and strong winds in 15 provinces in southern Thailand. Seven of them have already evacuated more than 6 thousand local residents.

According to the meteorological Department of the country, “Pabuk” is unlikely to turn into a full-fledged Typhoon. It is unusual in that was not formed in the monsoon season, and Vice versa, in a time when Thailand is usually great weather and tens of thousands of tourists come for the holidays.

Some areas in Pak Phanang district in Nakhon Si Thammarat are flooded after tropical storm #Pabuk reached the district.

?Sakulrat Sukanant

— Bangkok Post (@BangkokPostNews) January 4, 2019.

Video: Channel NewsAsia

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