A mysterious glowing object in the sky over Australia surprised residents and scientists

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He flew so long that the witnesses had to remove it on their cell phones. The object did not explode, but simply flew away over the horizon

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15 June in Australia have observed a mysterious phenomenon. At about midnight the sky over the region of Pilbara, which is located in the North-Western part of the country in Western Australia, there was a “ball of fire” glowing in green. He flew so long that the witnesses had to remove it on their cell phones. The object did not explode, but simply flew over the horizon.

His flight was seen in the adjacent Northern territory and in South Australia and, surprisingly, in the States of Victoria and New South Wales – at the other end of the continent.

Video from “the fireball” instantly sold on the social networks and gathered a huge number of views and comments. Initially popular was the version on the asteroid (163348) 2002 NN4, the diameter of which can reach up to 570 metres. Reported by many media. But in my hypothesis there was a flaw: this celestial body safely flew past the Earth on June 6, approaching our planet at 5.2 million km, accounting for 13.5 distances from the earth to the moon.

In social networks, as usual in such cases, some users promoted the version about aliens. One of the most popular was the assumption that it is space junk. But scientists, who were also puzzled by the incident, I believe that the green glow “ball of fire” indicates its natural origin, and that the celestial body contained a large amount of iron, according to Stormnews with reference to the Australian broadcasting Corporation ABC.

According to astronomer Rene Sayers from the University of Certina, most likely, it was a meteoroid or asteroid. Space debris entering the Earth’s atmosphere, it burns otherwise it disintegrates into smaller fragments. In this case, fragmentation was not observed practically. In an interview with 9NEWS, Sayers said that probably flew by an asteroid the size of a washing machine or a chair.

Hundreds of reports through the media about this impressive green fireball over the NW of Australia

If you saw it, please report it here:https://t.co/evqkWyLdwG pic.twitter.com/Z3qHzfpz2j

— AMSMETEORS (@amsmeteors) June 15, 2020

Night owls have captured what looks to be a meteor shooting across the sky – creating an emerald green glow above Western Australia. #9News pic.twitter.com/6sA0v05xz4

— Nine News Sydney (@9NewsSyd) August 14, 2020

Last month, Australians were also discussing the strange glowing object flying in the sky in the South-East of the country. On may 22, it was observed in the States of Victoria and Tasmania. But in this case, scientists have no doubt that this is space debris. And, most likely, it was part of the Russian rocket. That day from the Plesetsk cosmodrome in the Arkhangelsk region held a successful launch of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 b” spacecraft in the interests of the defense Ministry.