A memorial to soldiers of the ATO and the heroes of the Heavenly hundred were burned in Odessa region

This is not the first desecration of the monument


The regional center of Anan’ev in the North of Odessa region on the night of 13 September, vandals set fire to the stand of the memorial to soldiers of the ATO and heroes of Heavenly hundred.

On it informs news Agency “Route E-95“.

Recently installed a public memorial is situated in the heart of the city, in the square adjacent to city hall, and directly opposite the district police.

According to law enforcement officers, arson was committed at around 2:30. The attackers advance pulled and set fire to rubber tires, which were located behind the stand.

“The city authorities called the incident the daring act of political vandalism. Social activists also point out that this is not the first desecration of the memorial. Previously, he poured paint, the vandals never found. Representatives of the local cell of the “Automaidan” has promised to punish the criminals and announced reward for information about the incident and the persons involved in this”, – reports the edition.

Recall that the vandals desecrated the emblem of Kiev to the Moscow bridge.