Video of massive landslide near Odessa showed from the height of bird flight

Into the abyss fell the hundred-meter plot of paved roads and electrosupport


Yesterday, August 30, in the village Fontanka near Odessa was a large-scale landslide. It is reported by the Duma.

The damage from the incident can be fully appreciated only from the air.

Into the abyss fell the hundred-meter plot is the asphalt road on the street Lesya Ukrainka and support lighting. The collapse came right up to the gates of some houses.

As locals told, this is not the first landslide in this place. The first occurred in the 1990s. “Here, these processes all the time. Under us long gone, but on the right, under the former military part, constantly creeping slopes,” they say.

Residents of the Odessa suburbs blamed the incident to local authorities, who do nothing for the strengthening of landslide-prone slope, and tenants of the earth under the slope. They allegedly dismantled storm sewers and blocked the outflow of groundwater, which began to wash away the shore.