KIEV. June 18. UNN. A group of 40 armed unknown men threatened to kill the prosecutors and military APU while documenting illegal actions with respect to unauthorized capture of the land of the Tarutino military polygon in the Odessa region. As the press centre of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, this was stated today by the head of Department of legal Department of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, Colonel of justice Sergey Ostapenko, reports UNN.

“June 16, the military Prosecutor of the Odessa garrison had registered three criminal proceedings on h. 2 s 342, part 1 of article 345 and part 1 of article 350 (resistance to the employee of law enforcement body, the threat of murder against a law enforcement officer, threats against officials) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

Ostapenko said that the prosecutors were informed about the continuation of a criminal action for unauthorized capture and use of the lands of the ground the owners of agribusinesses. Prosecutors arrived on the scene, found 4 harvesters were harvested. With the aim of establishing through investigative the perpetrators of illegal actions, measures were taken to inspect the accident scene and equipment, as well as questioning the persons concerned.

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“However, the scene arrived more than 40 armed firearms and machetes individuals in the 12 SUVs and passenger cars, including foreign registration. These individuals, refusing to introduce himself, physically prevented the law enforcement officers in conducting investigative actions, and later threatened with physical violence and murder as prosecutors, and to attend to members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, – said Ostapenko.

According to him, Tarutino polygon that has an area of more than 24 thousand hectares, was transferred to the military property in the mid 40-ies of the last century. In the years of Ukraine’s independence of his land was leased under the implementation of agricultural activities. Subsequently, however, by the courts of different instances of the agreement was declared invalid, resulting in 23 523 hectares were confiscated in favor of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine. Thus, for today the illegal rental is 2.8 thousand hectares, the treaties which are considered in courts.

With regard to the land on which the incident occurred June 16, then, as noted by Ostapenko, the term of the agreement with her lease expired in 2013, but the agricultural work it continues illegally to be carried out.

As reported UNN, a military town on “Wide lang” scheduled to open before the end of the year.