KIEV. May 18. UNN. Today, may 18, in Horodkivka village of Drohobych district opened a new Mountain gas field, reports UNN with reference to “Gal-info”.

Opened up the field in the framework of the international conference “Carpathian Oil & Gas Conference 2018”.

During the opening ceremonially lit a symbolic torch.

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“The opening of a new gas field is the next step towards energy security of our country and enhance the economic potential of the region. Last year the oblast invested 150 million dollars and the dynamics of this will continue. During this year, we expect another 12 wells to enter into operation. This social responsibility of business and new jobs, and development of the region. In recent years, reforms which are being implemented, bearing fruit. The investment in each company is very important because it strengthens communities and gives the opportunity to improve their welfare,” – said during the opening of the gas field, the first Deputy head of Lviv regional state administration Rostislav zamlinsky.

Recoverable reserves of this field based on the conducted exploration work and seismic studies, estimated at 1 billion cubic meters of Daily production gas production from two horizons of the well is 30 thousand cubic meters.

According to media reports, in the coming years within the Mining area are planning to conduct additional seismic work, drilling of 4 exploration wells to increase daily production up to 150 thousand cubic meters per day.