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The staff of the laboratory in Wuhan, where started the spread of coronavirus in the world, fled from China and are cooperating with Western intelligence agencies, said the Sunday Mirror, the former assistant to the President Steve Bannon.

According to him, “certain deserters” are working with the Federal Bureau of investigation “to try to piece together” information about the possible appearance of the virus in the laboratory of Wuhan, which is “terrible run”.

“They have not yet spoken with the press, but there are people from the lab of Wuhan and from other laboratories, which came to the West and pass the proof of guilt of the Communist party of China. I think people will be shocked,” said Bannon.

According to him, representatives of laboratories left China and Hong Kong since mid-February. US intelligence, the British counterintelligence service MI-5 and service of the British foreign intelligence MI-6 are trying to prepare a very thorough court case against China. Reviews of US intelligence or the UK or the official position of China on the allegations’bannon article no.

One of the escapees turned out to be a virologist from Hong Kong Lee man Yan. According to her, she was one of the first scientists involved in the study COVID-19. In a Fox News interview, Yan said that the Chinese leadership knew about the coronavirus long before reported it.

A virologist told me that he had received from his supervisor at reference laboratory of the who’s assigned to investigate a sample of cases similar to SARS. December 31, her boyfriend, a scientist from the Center for control and disease prevention told her that the virus can be transmitted from person to person. When the virologist told his supervisor, “he only nodded” and later asked Lee man Yan “to remain silent and to be careful.”

According to the scientist, co-Director of the reference laboratory of the who Professor Malik Peiris knew about the situation, but took no action. Who officials rejected the accusations about the withholding of information, saying that Lee man Yan and her colleagues never worked directly on this organization. The Chinese Embassy in the US said that don’t know anything about Lee man Yan, adding that the Chinese government responded to the outbreak of coronavirus, quickly and efficiently. In the University of Hong Kong said that respect for freedom of expression, however, the opinion of Dr. Yang does not represent the opinion of the University.

“Dr. Yang Lee-the man was a researcher with a doctoral degree, held an internship at HKU after protection of the degree. She left the University… Statements she made in an interview, do not correspond to the key facts as we understand them. Dr. Yang never did any studies regarding transmission COVID-19 from person to person in December 2019 and January 2020,” – said on the website of the University. It States that its statement has no scientific basis, “and is reminiscent of the rumours.”

Previously, the withholding of information about the coronavirus from China, said sources Associated Press. Then it was reported that a government laboratory, China has published data on genome only after another lab, before the government published this information on a dedicated website for Virology January 11. However, after this, the Chinese authorities did not dare to publish information about the virus within two weeks. It was during this period of detailed data on patients and the cases of infection would significantly reduce the lethal impact of coronavirus or slow down the speed of its spread.

In may, the Chinese epidemiologist and pulmonologist Zhong Nanshan, head of the special Commission for combating coronavirus goskomstata of China, said that the authorities of the city of Wuhan, where was the first recorded case of infection with the novel coronavirus, initially withheld key details about the extent of the outbreak of the disease.

According to the epidemiologist, he became suspicious after the official number of cases in Wuhan – 41 was not changed for ten days, while the already appeared data about the infected abroad. Real data were provided only after the virologist continued to ask questions to local authorities.

Although Zhong Nanshan and acknowledges the lower number of cases at the initial stage of the epidemic, he rejects the accusations of the unreliability of the official statistics of the Chinese authorities on the coronavirus, and the theory of trump and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo that the coronavirus came from the lab.

He quoted his “good friend” of the virologist Shi Jinli, head of laboratory at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, who called this theory “ridiculous”, because in the laboratory there is no necessary to create an artificial virus of human resources and equipment. Also Zhong Nanshan says that the Chinese medical authorities in early February, the test was carried out in the same laboratory and found no evidence of “leakage” of the virus.