$9 billion exceeded the capitalization of the new Bitcoin Cash

The three leaders by market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is third


The capitalization of the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash generated by the division of Bitcoin exceeded $ 9 billion. It is reported by Prime.

August 1 bitcoin is divided into two separate currencies – Bitcoin (Original) Bitcoin and Cash due to the fact that the developers of cryptocurrency are unable to resolve the differences software. In the end, the size of the block containing information about past transactions has been increased to 8 megabytes with a 1 megabyte just for the new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. According to its developers, it will allow to increase network capacity, stimulating further growth. All owners automatically become bitcoin owners and Bitcoin Cash.

As of 13:34 on 2 August, the market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash reached $9,202 billion Cost of one unit of Cash Bitcoin at the moment is $558,31 despite the fact that at startup it did not exceed $300.

The three leaders by market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is the third largest after Bitcoin (Original) and Ethereum. Capitalization of Bitcoin (Original) is $44,511 billion, and the cost of one unit – $2.7 thousand In turn, the capitalization of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is valued at $20,685 billion, and the price of one unit at the moment is $220,69.