Neymar. Photo: Reuters

Authoritative portal Transfermarkt has published a rating of cost teams that came to the world championship-2018.

Principles of formation of teams is not clear – so for the national team of Panama has got a total of 21 players and the national team of Serbia – 31.

The most expensive is the Brazil squad – 604,35 million pounds. Second was the team of Spain – 579,15 million, the third – France (572,85).

Note that when the draw for the final stage of the 2018 world Cup the Spaniards will be only the second basket. Most “cheap” became the national team of Panama – a total of 4.73 million.

Team Russia occupies 17-e a place – of 123.74 million.

At an average cost Brazil is also a leader – 24,17 million. But France came in second place, which he shares with Germany (of 23.87).

Spain became the fourth (of 23.87). The average cost of players of the national team of Panama – a total of 225 thousand. Russia’s average cost was also 17th (4.8 million).

The teams eliminated at the 2018 world Cup, leads by a landslide Italy – 429,75 million (average is 18.68) against 269,10 (average of 10.35) from the Netherlands. In the list of participants of the 2018 world Cup, the Italians with such a measure would have taken the seventh place.