15-year-old girl alone survived in the tundra for two weeks

28.08.2018 20:28

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15-year-old Svetlana Aywaille more than two weeks wandered in the polar tundra, where the temperature falls below zero, and there are bears everywhere. The girl ate berries which were collected in the woods, and still managed to stay alive and wait for a rescue mission.

15-year-old girl miraculously survived, lost in the polar tundra and staying there alone for more than two weeks. Svetlana Aywaille are lucky enough to avoid bears and Arctic wolves, and ate it with water and unripe berries. The rescuers was not easy to get to her. Three days it took them just to get to harsh gydansky Peninsula, located far from civilization. Another 12 days of the rescue, among whom was the uncle, Ivan, Eva, looking for her, although the place where she was found, was relatively close to camp her family – about 10 kilometers.

Svetlana from a family of nomadic herders. The summer camp she went to visit her brother and got lost on the way. So she was in the tundra for 15 days. However, when she was found, she had no serious health problems. According to doctors, the girl was malnourished and exhausted, but her life was not threatened.

To the place of seeking the girl, rescuers had to get on the helicopter, other vehicles on the Gydan Peninsula is not serviced.

Native of Svetlana did not expect to see her alive: at this time, night temperatures in the tundra fall below zero, and moreover, as well known local in the area in many a home to brown bears. However, after two weeks of searching she was found not only alive, but relatively unharmed. Found a girl, her uncle, Ivan Eva. As later told reporters aunt Svetlana, Irina Yar seeing his uncle, the girl approached him.

To survive in the tundra, Svetlana ate berries – cranberry, red and black currants and cloudberries, mostly immature.