10 most unusual Pets

05.09.2018 17:33

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All the usual dogs and cats, hamsters and Canaries, fish and turtles — not only animals lovers animals choose their Pets. Noticed that the more exotic the pet the harder it often happens that the owner loves him. From hyenas to lions in our collection you will find the most unusual Pets from around the world.

1. Palestinian Saad Aldin al-Jamal with numerous family lives in the Palestinian refugee camp of al-Sabora at Rafah, town in the southern Gaza strip. Recently fulfilled his childhood dream: he bought two cubs, which was called Mona and Alex. The most unusual Pets happy grandchildren of al-Jamal and the neighborhood kids.

2. Young man resting in the city Park in the center of the Ukrainian Slavyansk near his pony. Photo taken on April 27, 2014 in the more peaceful town.

3. On the ski trail in China, one of the tourists riding along with her pet duck.

4. Kir Fahrudin of new Jersey arranged a tour of new York for their homemade goat named Cocoa.

5. Christophe Lutz walks home from Marseille Caliphim village near Strasbourg.