The authors of the English-language blog athosweblog shared list of references on the Holy Mountain.

“Every time before I go on a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain, I go into my favorite bookstore of Mr. Drosinos in Ouranoupoli, which was founded in 1974. Gospodin Drosinos and his staff are very patient, and most of the time when I go there, they know how to surprise me with new edition of books about Athos.

This year I saw a new book about Athos wines, but, to my regret, the book store was in the Greek language. The staff asked me to come back later in the day, because they were convinced that the book was also published in English. And they were right, they found me an English version,” wrote the blogger.

The book is listed at number one.

1. “Wine of mount Athos – the history of winemaking on the Holy Mountain”, Elena Kephalopoulos, (“Mount Athos Wine – The history of Winemaking in The Holy Mountain” by Eleni Kefalopoulou), published in August. The book has 189 pages and blogger bought it for € 35,00.

2. “Stone bridges on mount Athos”, Stelos of Mouzakis (“Stonebridges and bridges on Mount Athos” by Stelios Mouzakis). The book was published this year, only in the Greek language. She has 154 pages and costs € 17,00.

3. “Fog on Mount Athos” by William Captain (William Capitan – “Mists on Mt. Athos”). This novel, published in March 2018.

4. “Grace to forget” Geoffrey Winthrop young (“The Grace of Forgetting”, Geoffrey Winthrop Young). The book of 1914-1918, published in 1953, 352 pages. This edition of the travels of the author after the First world war. He also visited mount Athos.

5. The album “Leykoma tou Agiou Orous Athos” Kellita Etienne (Etienne Kelliotes).

6. “Valentin, The Monks Of Mount Athos”, 1960.

7. W. Papel, Hamer – “the Balkans on a Bicycle” (W. Papel Hamsher – “The Balkans by bicycle”), 1937. The author travelled by Bicycle from Vienna wagon in Istanbul.

8. Benz Ernst: “Patriarch Einsiedler und – Der tausendjährige Athos und die Zukunft der Ostkirche”. The book in German, published in Cologne in 1964.

9. Takis Clopas: “a Photographic itinerary on mount Athos, 1969” (Takis Tloupas: “A Photographic Itinerary On Mount Athos, 1969”). The publication also came out in 2001.

10. Robin AMIS, “Views from mount Athos” (Robin Amis – Views from Mount Athos), 2014.

“Orthodox Ukrainian heritage on Mount Athos” – “UNIAN-Religion”.