During the heating period, the Ukrainians will be more difficult to worry – prices will rise by an impressive amount.

From 1 January in Ukraine from 18 of the 26 planned
suppliers by an average of 12-24% increase the tariff for the population for thermal
energy. It is reported by the national Commission exercising the state
the regulation in the energy and utilities (NKREKU.)

The remaining 8 tariffs of licensees will be
considered on Tuesday, December 11.

Tariffs for production of thermal energy increased following

– “Kramatorskteploenergo” – 12%;

PJSC “Oblteplocomunenergo” (Chernihiv
region) and KP “Teploenergo” (the Dnepropetrovsk region) – 16%;

– Lmkp “lvovteploenergo” and
“Sumyteploenergo” – 17%;

– KTS “Krivorozhstali”, GGP
“Invano-Franciscoalmeida”, “Kharkiv heat
network” and KP “Nikolayevoblteploenergo” – 18%;

– LLC “Melitopol thermal networks”, KP
“Brovaryteplokomunenergo” KP “Belotserkovtsy” KP
“Zeleznodoroznaya” (Lviv region) and “Poltavateploenergo”
– 19%.

“Urban heat networks” (Zaporizhzhia
region) – 20%;

– PJSC “Mykolaiv TPP” – 21%,

– LLC “Shostka enterprise
“Kharkovenergoremont” – 24%.

However, one of the companies – KP
Komenergoservis (Dnipropetrovsk region) rate reduced by 2%.

Earlier, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman reported that
none of his meeting with the citizens is not complete without a discussion of the problems associated
with utilities and service rates.

In addition, he spoke about who is ultimately
responsible for warmth in the homes of Ukrainians and the cost of fares for

Recall from 1 April each subscriber monthly,
regardless of the actual volume of used gas, is obliged to pay the subscription fee
which will accrue on the basis of the attached power of each consumer.

As reported “Диалог.UA” the Prime Minister Groysman
promised to reduce gas prices for the population.