In Kropyvnyts’ke male was stealing manhole covers to buy her daughter a gift on March 8Photo: ГолосUA

To the malefactor threatens till three years of imprisonment

07.03.19 4400

In Kropyvnyts’ke man stole 2 manhole to earn extra money on a gift for my daughter on 8 March.

This reports the press service of the police in Kirovohrad region.

The police received a report that an unidentified man trying to steal manholes.

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The patrol examined the area and found the vehicle a probable attacker. Inside its Vase were two manhole covers.

64-year-old man explained that he wanted to earn money daughter a gift on March 8.

He now faces up to three years of imprisonment.

As previously reported by the Focus:

  • According to sociologists, the majority of Ukrainian women on March 8 would like to receive a gift of flowers.
  • The European Commission has stated that in the EU women, despite better education, compared to men, have less influence on the decision-making processes.